Fights fights are fleeting. To win the duel, good speed and strength qualities, endurance to muscle loads with a large difference in intensity are necessary. A skilled wrestler is distinguished…

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HAKWONDO (Taekwondo), a modern Korean martial art created in the 1950s based on Japanese karate and traditional Korean martial arts. The main difference from karate is a large number of…

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In 1924, the country's first classic wrestling championship was held - according to the new rules adopted in the USSR. Competitions were held in Kiev with the participation of 41…

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Points are awarded to wrestlers for performing tricks, counters, combinations and defenses:

– A fighter receives one point for transferring an opponent to the ground;

– Two points are awarded for turning the opponent’s shoulders so that his back is at an acute angle to the carpet. This qualifies as a “dangerous situation.” The next point can be awarded if the opponent is held in this position for 5 seconds, which the referee counts;

– The opponent’s transfer to the ground and to the “dangerous position” is assessed at three points in one go;

– Five points “worth” throwing an opponent in the air and other similar tricks. Five points are awarded for a high-amplitude throw, in which the center of gravity of the thrower is higher than the center of gravity of the thrower.

In Greco-Roman wrestling, the athlete must accompany the opponent when he falls on the carpet;

– In both the free and Greco-Roman wrestling, the “scissors” lock is forbidden when the legs cross around the opponent’s neck;

– If one of the wrestlers steps into the restricted area, the fight stops and then resumes in the center of the carpet;

– Wrestlers are forbidden to pull each other by hair, ears, genitals, pinching, biting, applying any blows, attacking the eyes, crushing with an elbow or knee in the abdomen, grabbing and holding clothes, and also talking during a fight;

– During the fight, there must be a doctor on duty who is empowered to stop the fight if the health of any of the athletes is in danger;

– A fighter who makes obvious violations or commits cruel acts is immediately disqualified;

– Capture and counterattack that began in the center of the carpet are considered valid, wherever they are completed;

– The wrestler is guilty of passivity if he fails to attempt an effective capture or if he constantly, in any form, leaves the active struggle;

– The second warning for forbidden seizure, for example, twisting the arms by more than 90 degrees, applying “locks” with your hands on the forearms, grabbing the opponent’s head or neck with two hands, is penalized with a point in favor of the opponent;

– For violation of the rules, the athlete is punished with penalty points.

The wrestler may appeal the official results of the match in writing within 30 minutes after the end of the bout. If the protest is accepted and the jury of appeal supports the protest, a second fight is held.

Compliance with the rules of the fight, the appearance and equipment of athletes is monitored by a team of referees who also record the score in a duel. The composition of the team includes: the referee (judge on the carpet), side referee, head of the carpet. The time clock is monitored by the timekeeper.

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